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Why the name "Pablo Honey"?

Radiohead has been one of the most influential bands for probably most of us. They have produced many amazing albums, each of them unique with its own aspects and experiments. Among these incredible albums, Pablo Honey is probably their most infamous one among fans.

Pablo Honey was the debut album by Radiohead and it produced three charting singles – "Anyone Can Play Guitar", "Stop Whispering", and "Creep". Although Radiohead produced 11 albums after Pablo Honey, “Creep” remains the band’s most popular song. The popularity of “Creep” led the band and hardcore fans to have a love and hate relationship with Pablo Honey. But where does the name of this notorious album originate? Lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood got a bootlegged tape of New York prankster duo, The Jerky Boys, in the early '90s. He became obsessed with it and so did the rest of the band. They decided to name their debut album Pablo Honey after one of the pranks calls where the Jerky Boy keeps saying, "Pablo, honey? Please come to Florida!" The track “Pablo Honey” appeared a year later on The Jerky Boys 2 CD. This snippet is sampled by the band on the track ‘How Do You?’.

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