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Track Review: "Goliath" (2020) by Korypheus

Korypheus is a metal band from Ukraine, formed in 2016. The band released their last album “Over the Rainbow” in 2020. The opening track of the album “Goliath” has a modern, progressive sound with clean and brutal vocals, varying guitar techniques, and an appealing intro with bass and guitar.

The vocals throughout the song succeed to embody emotions while still carrying the dynamic and the heavy sound of brutal screams. The song starts with a dark bass line, supported with a clean, and again dark guitar melody. The kick drum is used quite actively and at a high tempo. It can be said that the drums seem to shape the atmosphere of the song, which is also supported by distorted, low-tuned guitar riffs.

In the music video, there is a lady figure, which may be a possible representation of the person who is telling the story of Goliath in the song. She's pure white, colorless, still, with a bridal veil covering her head. And with the first scream “Mercy”, she “wakes up”. The clean dark sounded intro breaks with a strong brutal scream, and distorted guitar riffs begin with blasting drums. The emotion is revealed at this point. We can understand the mood of the song is dark, mournful, yet still full of anger. The clean vocals continue to “tell the story” of the Goliath itself, while brutal screams also continue throughout the song. It can be seen that in the wrathful, angry sentences, like “I am the fire of devastation” or, “That’s all you deserve”, brutal screams were used, while the other parts were sung by clean vocals. This upholds the mood and the concept of the song, also keeping the dynamic structure.

Goliath is a powerful and furious biblical figure, and most of the lyrics talk about how Goliath is wrathful and the power it derives, openly seen by the lines “When all around us is deadly strife/I am the fire of devastation”. The first words spoken by the speaker in the song are “I would try to save him If I could/Just make him stay away from that fight”, it is understood that the wrath of Goliath carries origins from a past memory and that Goliath has a desire for revenge. This wrath results in an anger toward God first, understood from the line “God has no mercy”, and then evolves to a rage towards everyone. Before the last chorus, the lyrics “I see a shooting star/ Isn’t it me?”, implies that Goliath is taking action for the revenge she desires.

After the break with the first scream, or after she wakes up, and she has “the drink” which has a dark color, her blank, white eyes turn black, and then her clothes, her hair, every part of her body follows. In other words, she is now black. At this point, in a way, she becomes the “fire of devastation” mentioned in the lyrics. The drink symbolizes the wrath she was looking for. The guitar solo begins when she first sees her eyes black. The solo also has a very dark sound, reminding of a turning point scene from a movie. Overall the guitar parts include different techniques like tapping and fast licks throughout the song, besides the solo, providing a technical death metal sound.

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