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Single Review: "Think About You" (2021) by Rosie Frater-Taylor

Rosie Frater-Taylor is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the UK. Her recent single "Think About You" starts directly with Rosie gently delivering the lyrics, with a sweet melody.

Check out her website for more background of the artist and her work! Follow Rosie Frater-Taylor on Instagram: @rosiefratertaylor Click here to listen Think About You on Soundcloud and check out its lyrics.


Rosie's singing voice is very soothing and warm. The soft guitar chords in the background unravel into a full band mix, which is similar to the sound of her debut album "On My Mind". Rosie's guitar work has a very unique taste, so it is no surprise that she is studying jazz guitar at the London Royal Academy of Music. The arrangement is reasonably minimalistic, and the song feels intimate, yet musically it is prosperous as always with Rosie.

The harmonic choices, the structure, and the overall feel of the track really indicate that we are looking at a very promising artist. The verse consists of a 3-bar chord pattern that repeats, which is very unusual as the standardized chord pattern lasts in 4 bars. Therefore, at the first glance, what feels like the last chord in the first loop is actually the first chord of the next one. This is a clever choice that really helps to communicate the song's message: the inescapable loop of the vulnerability of "[h]aving someone always on your mind" creates. The cover of the single

In the chorus Rosie mostly sings within a pentatonic scale (reminding Steve Vai's Tender Surrender) which is a scale used in both meditational eastern music and blues music, suiting the loving yet slightly downhearted vibe the song possesses. The bridge creates a sorrowful tension and beautifully ties us to the final chorus. The song ends in the same fashion that it begins, so the listener is back again on the ground after being emotionally levitated and carried around within Rosie's creativity and great production.

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