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The Wall - Changed the Music Forever

Another year has passed, and time has put its 41st brick on Pink Floyd's The Wall. Their eleventh studio album was an 80-minute concept album recounting main character Pink's social isolation and was released on 30 November 1979. Pink was inspired by Syd Barrett and Roger Waters, and the wall represented their alienation from society. The story behind the album is well-known to start after Waters spat on a group of distracting fans in the In The Flesh Tour. Throughout the tour, fans seemed to have come just to be there and not to listen. Waters disliked it so much that he wanted to build a wall between the band and the audience. His desire came true after the release of The Wall, and the album tour included a 12-meter stack of cardboard bricks. The only one who profited from the tour was Rick Wright, who was fired by Waters and joined the tour on salary. The tour overall went in the red because of the expense of such a spectacle.

There were two demos that Waters initially suggested for the album. The band accepted what became the legendary The Wall, and the other went on to be his 1984 debut album "The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking." July 1982 saw the release of a movie based on the album. In 1990, they performed it where the Berlin Wall used to be. Waters' 2010-2013 The Wall Live solo tour got him, Gilmour, and Mason back together on the same stage; that was the last time we saw them together. And that is the story of how a single band changed music history in 80 minutes.

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