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The Sonic Boom of TOOL: Ænima (1996)

25 years ago today, Tool released their sophomore record - Ænima. While being the fan favorite, it was also the album that the band was able to settle their sound with-due to lots of experience and maturation over the years since their first release Opiate EP.

The album has so many layers both lyrically and musically, caused them to change the whole metal perception of the society. Ænima has influenced and still influences so many different bands throughout these 24 years.

While referring so many times to human psych and society, the whole album is a journey of self-actualization where one discovers its true-self. The Jungian (Carl Gustav Jung) allusions made several times is the record, whereas Buddhism and Hinduism influence also pop up during the songs.

It was a game-changer during its time, and it still is a whole new world for the ones that haven't discovered it yet!

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