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Megadeth - The Sick, The Dying and The Dead

2020 has been a remarkably tough year, especially for metalheads and Megadeth's legendary frontman Dave Mustaine. He worked devotedly to complete their last album despite being diagnosed with throat cancer and the pandemic.

Mustaine announced from his Instagram that he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2019. The band's works were hampered as Mustaine dealt with his recovery. It was January 2020 when he announced that he is %100 cancer-free. But not so long after, the emergent pandemic caused the band's live performances to come to a stop. The fanbase of the band, as much as the band itself, was surely irritated by the fact that they will need to wait a bit longer than they imagined for Megadeth to be on stage again.

During the pandemic, as bands weren't able to perform live, the desire for a new studio album has ascended greatly. As the metal community has been patiently waiting to hear it, Mustaine finally announced the working title as "The Sick, The Dying and The Dead" in a live Q&A session.

“So I’m fine right now. I’m back in training and back to playing. And we’ve got, I think, probably one of the most ferocious records we’ve done since ‘Rust In Peace’. David Ellefson, he’s a pretty good barometer of things, and when he did his bass parts, he went, ‘Man, my arm is killing me. I can’t believe this.’” - Dave Mustaine

Insanely Progressive!

Bassist David Ellefson stated the new record includes harder riffs than anything off “Rust in Peace” and called it “insanely progressive”. We heard a little teaser in a Q&A session and also Mustaine shared a teaser from his twitter account which includes heavy drums and the band’s first drummer, Dirk Verbeuren.

The due date of the album is officially declared but seems like it will stay in the band's inner circle. At least, we know 2021 will bring us an album that is a milestone for Megadeth and maybe for the history of progressive metal. Stay in the loop to track further updates!

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