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Single Review: "We're Not Dead" (2021) by The Romance

Consisting of a single person, American band The Romance has released their second single “We’re Not Dead” on March 26, 2021. The song has a refreshingly modern air to it, and different instrumental sections combined with the moving lyrics make it stand out from generic modern solo-projects.

After a small piano intro, we are thrown into the upbeat verses, with lyrics that ponder life and project a sense of youth. Pop-sounding instruments with a hint of electronic music are dominant throughout the song, and the guitar and drums evolve throughout the song to eventually reach a powerful breakdown. Licks are creative despite the repetitiveness, and the melody is beautifully complemented with the beat, enough to make it a power anthem.

The overall mood of We’re Not Dead is an open landscape, a hopeful approach to the pandemonium of unknowns that is our world as it reminds us of this one certainty: “We might be coming down, but we are not dead.”

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