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Single Review: "Like You Used To" (2021) by The Psychos of Soul

The Austin, Texas-based musician Leo Juarez, aka the lead singer/songwriter of The Psychos of Soul, blends the lines between grunge, blues, and electronic music with his debut single "Like You Used To". Inspired by various acts like Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, and Post Malone, The Psychos of Soul invites the listener into a world of no boundaries.

Starting off with a crunchy, in-your-face bass riff, “Like You Used To” hooks the listener right away. With the entrance of sexy, powerful vocals, the song goes on to tell "a shadowy tale of romantic jealousy", as Leo himself puts it. “This song is just about how a strong relationship can quickly become full of envy and hatred and how people's love for each other can actually fuel those emotions. The relationship that inspired it, was full of passion and empathy, but also full of deceit and envy, backstabbing, etc." This theme of duality is further explored with the contrast between the grungy, distorted guitars and clean, to-the-point drum fills.

Leo further explains: "This song is just kind of me, telling the first-person narrative of the internal conflict I experienced and I think she experienced, as we felt things start to fall apart and as our passions grew into hatred. I grew and learned a lot from that relationship. It’s me trying to get at the root of what love is and what drives it.”

Featuring a fresh blend of electronic synths and grungy, rock-driven sounds, "Like You Used To" is the perfect song to put on and walk down the street, feeling like a badass. The highly-promising debut single will be out on all streaming platforms on January 7. Until then, don't forget to give it a listen through the YouTube link below!

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