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The Mask of Iron Maiden

We know Eddie, right? The guy we see on Iron Maiden t-shirts, posters, with a zombie-like and an angry-looking face, the guy appears on all of the Iron Maiden album covers, as a lobotomized mental patient for "Piece of Mind", a mummified Egyptian god for "Powerslave", a cyborg for "Somewhere in Time"…

Or with a more plain definition, Eddie is the mascot for the English heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. Do you know how he got his name, why do we call him Eddie, why not Freddie?

At first, Eddie was just a papier-mâché mask used in Iron Maiden’s stage backdrop, and according to the bassist of the band, Steve Harris, they were calling it “The Head” back at the time, and the fact that “The Head” sounded like “Ead” in the members’ London accent, made this mask get the name “Eddie”.

So, that English accent the band members had, had named Iron Maiden’s unforgettable face; as describes as "the most recognizable metal icon in the world and one of the most versatile too,” or Gigwise refers as "perhaps the most enduring band mascot of all time."

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