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The Genesis History

Genesis history is surely a long and complicated one, so for the #ProgLoopGenesisWeek, we wanted to recount this great band's story (specifically their progressive era) along with their albums.

1. From Genesis To Revelation:

Genesis started out as a merge of the school bands from Charterhouse. Originally, it consisted of Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and drummer Chris Stewart. The name, "Genesis", was a suggestion of producer Jonathan King.

2. Trespass:

After multiple drummer changes, the band retreated to a cottage in Surrey to focus on new material, practicing for as much as 11 hours a day. Genesis played their first gig in September 1969 at a birthday party. By April, they had enough material for a second album. However, at the end, Phillips left band due to ill health and developing stage fright.

3. Nursery Cryme:

Phil Collins arrived at the audition through an ad on Melody Maker. According to Gabriel and Rutherford, it was clear from the beginning that he was the right replacement. The now empty guitar sections allowed Banks and Rutherford to experiment more freely. And Hackett joined in December 1970, through another ad he put on Melody Maker. Rehearsals for the third album begin in August 1971.

4. Foxtrot:

Gaining a small commercial success with "Nursery Cryme", the band's fourth album was the turning point for their success. It included arguably the band's masterpiece: "Supper's Ready". The tour for the album was also the first appearance of Gabriel with his iconic costumes.

5. Selling England by the Pound:

Recorded in August 1973, the album was based around the idea of commercialism and decline of English culture. It received positive critical reception and songs like "Cinema Show" and "Firth of Fifth" became fan favorites.

6. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway:

This double concept album marked the end of the so-called "Gabriel era" of the band. The tension in the band was starting to show and it featured Brian Eno contributing synthesizers and effects.

7. A Trick of the Tail:

It was the first album with Collins as lead vocals, after his idea of continuing as an instrumental band was rejected. During this time, Hackett also recorded his first solo album. They searched for a lead singer while recording, with an anonymous ad on Melody Marker for "a singer for a Genesis-type group", before settling on Collins.

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