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The Essential Soen Album - Tellurian

Today is the 6th anniversary of Tellurian, the second studio album of Soen! After the release of Cognitive, the band had faced heavy criticism regarding their resemblance to Tool. Although these critiques might have been right for the first album, not giving Tellurian a chance just because of this impression would be a true loss. In the second album, the band definitely started to find their unique voice, while also showing their progressive side once again in the songs Void, The Other's Fall, and Pluton, all involving intricate riffs and lasting for more than 7 minutes. For Tellurian, the vocals are also well worth a mention. Joel Ekelöf's melodic and emotion-filled voice fits the songs perfectly, the part of Pluton after the third-minute mark being just one example as for how. The balance between soft and angsty parts is masterfully done, and it would be safe to say that in the whole album, there isn't even one filler song, and that all 52 minutes of it is worth listening.

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