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The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara - At The Worlds End (2021)

Andrea Papi and Daphne Ang, the two minds behind The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara, released their latest single At the Worlds End on the 5th of February. By doing so, the duo didn't just contribute greatly to the world of progressive music with their creative synthesis of innovative music and poetry but also raised awareness to issues we must all be paying more attention to. The start of At the Worlds End emphasizes the poetic lyrics that are a trademark of the act. The electronic sound effects and the sparse contribution of the guitar form the atmosphere that helps the listener appreciate these lyrics more: said lyrics are about the final remarks of two lovers who are living their last day on earth. Thus it's natural that the first minute of the song is melancholic and nostalgic as the lovers talk about their first encounter, and the inspiration from Sylvia Plath can clearly be felt from the short but dramatic descriptions:

We became strangers no more You recognized me from a thousand lives before I believe that I dreamed you into life You became real to me in no time

The progressive rock/metal aspect of the song comes into play as the electric guitar goes through harsher riffs and the 12/8 beat of the drums gets into the spotlight, but this fierce and loud melody never overpowers the vocals. On the contrary, as the music gets more and more angsty and energetic, the lyrics follow meaning-wise. The riffs are generally impressive with Tool-ish guitar layers and percussive work. Despite the apocalyptic imagery created both by the lyrics and the music itself, the song ends on a rather hopeful note, stripped away from the guitar and the drums, talking about the lovers' last promises:

Promise me my love If we ever lose our way Promise to meet me back here Where it all began At The Worlds End

The two artists do a great job in communicating the message they want in regards to the environmental crisis, as the apocalyptic image mentioned above is the end that is awaiting us if we do not get in action. Check out the song on Spotify and the music video on Youtube, and keep an eye out for the duo's debut album which will be released soon!

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