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EP Review: "13" (2021) by The Camel City Blackouts

The Camel City Blackouts is an unsigned and DIY punk-rock band from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The band invites all weird or strange people to their sound. The band presents itself as three young studs on a quest to capture the attention of your ears and your hearts. #1 Angels Angels is a song about a sudden break up the vocalist went through with someone who was wanting to move away to Brazil. Despite the upbeat nature of the song, emotions are present throughout the lyrics. The inability of the partner to decide is present in the first verse: "Your decisions hang in the middle Your head can't decide what your heart really wants" The doubt leads to uncertainty in the vocalist's mind. The verse is dominated by a huge bassline, energetic drums, and fast-paced vocals. After a sudden stop from the chorus, at the 34-second mark, the chorus begins:

"Say hello to the angels below Say hello, say hello, say hello Say hello to the angels below When we start we lose control" The lyrics in the chorus "Say hello to the angels below" are meant to be seen from 2 different perspectives, either go to hell or say hello to Monte Cristo and the angels in Brazil which is below the vocalist's geographical location. The tone of the chorus is somewhat bitter given the breakup and this really connects the vocalist with the listener. The song features a video clip as well on YouTube, which is compromised of the song's making process. Overall, you should give Angels a listen if you are into punk and an intimate story. #2 Another Night Another Night is a hypnotic punk rock song. The song has a powerful intro with energetic guitars, a bass line, and a fast drum groove. Then, the first verse enters featuring a melodic bassline and slower and slower guitar parts: "Another night clinging to the floor I wanna slide, hello, goodbye Boredom rules, temptations take the wheel Gravity starts kicking at my heels"

This song is about giving in to your addictions out of sheer boredom and dealing with the aftermath. The punchy vocals are portraying the aftermath of a drinking spree, and how boredom can drive people into their addictions. This aspect of the song is further emphasized by the hypnotic and dynamic YouTube video. After one more verse, the chorus begins: Where I've, I've been, where I'm going again Where I've, I've been, where I'm going again Some silver, some gold, some sink like a stone Where I'm going again" The chorus is filled with a sense of uncertainty. It is the uncertainty of the feeling that you get in the hungover state, and life is just blurry. The upbeat energy of the song is present throughout, which makes Another Night an engaging song overall. You should definitely give the song a try if you are an avid punk rock listener. For those looking for a mellower sound, there is also an acoustic version of the song! Check out their music on Spotify! Give them a like on Instagram @camelcityblackouts Give them a like on Facebook!

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