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Track(s) Review: "Home" (2021) and "Sad is" (2020) by Soul Rolled Fox

Soul Rolled Fox or Vito is an independent artist from Italy. He says "the only thing that allows [him] to fully express himself is music." We reviewed his two singles "Sad is" and "Home". Click here to give them a listen on Spotify. Visit his Reddit profile and subreddit: u/soulrolledfox r/soulrolledmusic Follow Soul Rolled Fox on Instagram: @soulrolledfox Stay tuned for the upcoming debut album "Did you get any of that?".


Soul Rolled Fox's latest release "Home" is a piece that exemplifies the artist's search for different styles, and it's fun to listen again and again. The short guitar intro gives the song a smooth and calm feeling. As the vocals enter to the song, the listener's attention is immediately focused on the lyrics. The repetitive use of the guitar line makes the listener pay attention to the lyrics. Throughout the song, crescendos in the guitar grab the listener's focus. This is a successful choice made by the artist. The consistent and fast use of percussion disturbs the mood of the song by doubling the tempo; however, it is used slower and in a good complement with the drums in the rest of the song. The harmony in the chorus makes the song even more beautiful. However, in the second chorus, it's hard to enjoy the double vocal harmony while there's a choir as a back vocal. The use of violins as in the first chorus might have been a better option. Nevertheless, the choir alone is fine while the song reaches its end. In general, "Home" is a nice piece that should be listened to while pondering and looking out of a window on a calm day.


Sad is

"Sad is" was first released as a single in 2020. It is an interesting piece to hear after "Home" since it is acoustic and jazzy rather than alt-rock. The track starts with jazz chords and syncopes. The acoustic chords and melodies are accompanied by bass transitions and a Middle Eastern melody bass plays as a progression between verses and intro is a demonstration of diverse musical taste. The radio vocal that enters the song accomplishes to make the song jazzier by the style. Vito's use of smooth and controlled vocals make the song a restful piece. As the song progresses to the chorus, it becomes more of an alt-rock song. However, the accompanying brush snare of the drums and the jazz piano still makes the song a dominantly jazz piece. In the absence of contrabass, the active use of the bass line is a nice choice. Harmony is a good choice here. The vocals in the chorus might have been better, the long high-pitched notes are not as good as they can be. However, the overall shift in the vocal style gives the song a different flavor and makes it a more enjoyable piece. If you want 3 minutes of relaxing riffs and jazzy slow music, we recommend you give this single a listen.

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