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Snarky Puppy Released the Remastered/Remixed Version of "Tell Your Friends"

American jazz fusion ensemble Snarky Puppy released the remixed and remastered version of their fourth official studio album "Tell Your Friends" (2010) on the 25th of September.

It is a unique perspective on one of Snarky's most beloved albums with classic songs like, "Flood" and "Skate U". Their latest studio effort "Immigrance" (2019) showed a very different side of the band's sound, so it might feel a little weird to go back a decade. But as with any Snarky Puppy record, it is a great opportunity to see the timeless nature of their music and perhaps a vain attempt to suppress our appetite for some new material 😉

As bandleader Michael League explained the reason behind the remix/remaster along with the album's announcement: "In 2010, 'Tell Your Friends' was Snarky Puppy's first foray into recording and filming in-studio live albums, leading to the band's first global impression. Two years ago we looked into releasing this record on vinyl for the first time, as we've done for our previous records. It was a relatively low-maintenance project as the final mixes for each record had been sitting inside of dust-covered hard drives in the studio. That was, until, we got to 'Tell Your Friends'. It wasn't there. Everything we had recorded was on the drive, but the mixes were gone. Not a trace of the work Eric Hartman and Michael had done in Dallas. Just the raw audio, exactly as it was the minute after we played the last note of the night at Dockside Studio in Louisiana.

"It goes without saying that this was a serious problem, but it also presented a unique opportunity. What if Nic Hard remixed it? We already had Eric's mix out in the world, but we were physically incapable of using it to produce the vinyl master. So, why not use it as a chance to get a second perspective on the exact same performance? Remixes and remasters are not unusual in this day and age, but very rarely do they happen out of absolute necessity."

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