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Single Review: "late nite (in stereo sound)" (2023) by Stereo Roux, Caro

Stereo Roux is a rising rock artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter. The talented musician is poised to make waves in the scene with his emotion-evoking sound and vintage style. Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, Stereo Roux radiates raw emotion through ear-gracing instrumentation that paints a blank canvas. Inspired by his life experiences and emotions, the artist strives to push the envelope with his sound to make a dynamic style that encapsulates his love for the ‘50s-70s. And here is the review of his latest release "late nite (in stereo sound)".

“late nite” lands the first punch with its psychedelic vibe not just with its cover but with its beginning too. With the trippy lo-fi beats at the beginning, you can’t help but let yourself float in this dynamic vibe. The perfect beats, layered sounds, and the keyboard seem to create the perfect balance and you feel like it’s complete. But no, not yet, Stereo Roux adds flawless vocal performances by himself and Caro, and this single becomes an absolute masterpiece. It is inevitable to see the influences of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd throughout the song. But unlike other indie artists, Stereo Roux uses these influences and adds his own unique way to create such a beautiful single that could make even Tame Impala jealous. Of course, it is surprising to see such influences on a psychedelic indie rock piece but the little guitar riffs, especially at the end, sounds like salutes to the old legends. But there are so many surprising things about this song, like how Stereo creates real late-night vibes with vocals, keyboard, guitar, and drums. Four elements seem insufficient, but it is enough for him to produce a companion for your lonely maybe trippy late nights. Don't forget to listen to late nite (in stereo sound) on all platforms!

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