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Single Review: "Hydra" (2022) by Teiger

Teiger is a trio from London, UK. With a sound meandering through soft metal and bright acoustic rock, they create a rich and melancholic atmosphere that’s both fragile and occasionally furious. And now, Teiger invites us to their new single for a dark and mystical experience. “Hydra” is the first single from Teiger's forthcoming debut album. Read our track-by-track review for further analysis and learn our thoughts about “Hydra” and its music video!

Review: Just from the beginning, we hear the beautiful voice of Talie Rose —the leader of the band— and a groovy rhythm in the background. And after the artfully written lyrics, the trio pushes the button — wild riffs rise from Talie’s guitar and take us to the middle east for a moment. And when you run across this authenticity, it surely is a great surprise. The genre of their music was somehow uncategorizable. This surprise includes a dark and mysterious atmosphere that will take you in and won’t let out. One of the elements of this genuineness is the side-stick-drumming method of Jon as seen in the music video to which we had early access. This method adds to this art of diversity and mystery. And the other element is the bass, it is just perfectly played and so tuneful thanks to Phil. Couple of notes that we think should be mentioned, especially considering how abject this song was. The things making up this uneasy beauty are fairly complex and obvious: The capo on the 89 Kramer that has been played within a context that has never been in before and the hand-tapping riffs were the things that especially made the playing authentic. The music was certainly trying to explore something that has never been explored before, and hearing the resemblances to the previous bands that tried to follow a similar sound is not possible. The song feels like Talie learned guitar by herself without listening to the others. Don't get us wrong, we mean just the way that Mikael Akerfeldt or Steve Hackett, or many other authentic guitarists learned to play. And we know how characteristic their playings sound, that's why they have made many groundbreaking works of art. This was the main charm of the song that could be heard, having the same spirit and ideology that all of these artists included in their music. Both diversity and melancholy present the origins of the band- London- in a way. Passing the instrumental carnival in the middle part, the lyrics keep getting more and more poetic and melancholic though it doesn’t overwhelm you. Not to forget how perfect the music video is, the video is an awesome fit for this single. All three of them look like hot vampires making music. This was just what Teiger needed to complete this shady atmosphere. They create this atmosphere in their videos with the lights and the smoke machine. And of course, Talie’s dark makeup is exceptional and vital for the video. Now, let’s return to the music. Through the end, the drumsticks of Jon shine out and the guitar goes back to the catchy riff we all want to hear. Vigorous and misty, they create the perfect ending for this song. And worthy of a place in our daily playlists, Teiger says goodbye to us till their releases.

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