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Single Review: "Consume" (2021) by Collapse of Colour

Collapse of Colour is a metal band from North East England formed in late 2017. After receiving a great reception from crowds in their debut year of performing, the band states that they felt like they were on the right path, doing something that people were receptive to. Although the pandemic obstructed their production, now that places have opened up again, the band has released two new singles.

Their latest single "Consume" is about humanity’s almost obsession with destroying the planet and how that backfires to humans destroying themselves. It is no question that the world is getting to a point of no return with climate change and it feels like the present and future generations have a huge responsibility on their shoulders.

The song starts with a low-tuned distorted guitar riff that increases in volume over time. When it reaches its maximum volume and clearance, drums and bass make their entrance. The song features an accompaniment of both clean and brutal vocals. The band states that "Consume" hits towards the heavier end of the spectrum for them and it is nice to add that the song features an absolutely crushing guest spot from Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake. The band says, "If you need a metalcore vocalist to hit home a message about the end of the world… Ryo is the one!" "Consume, consume, from birth until the tomb" the song says what humans just do on this planet is to, in fact, consume.

As the vocals seem to kick in right through the listener's ears, the guitar accompanies the vocals with arpeggiated high-pitched chords. "Turned a blind eye in favour of your ignorance", it is right to say that the band really didn't hold anything back. The song really fits the metalcore sound and suits the theme/purpose well.

Through the end of the song, when you thought it was all over, a breakdown full of screams and guitar-chugging comes in that you absolutely won't be able to listen without headbanging.

The band informed that they have a load of shows coming up in the remainder of the year, and they are planning to release new music much more regularly. Make sure to check them out!

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