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Single Review: "Calice" (2022) by The Links

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying that advises to not judge something by its looks. I’d usually disagree with this because I believe in the power of first impressions, but this saying especially proves itself to be true for The Links’ new single Calice.

Looking at the mysterious vibes of the woman on the cover, I can’t help but expect something along the lines of a slow, sexy ballad. However, the song tells a completely different story.

Right off the bat, this song is anything but slow: It’s bold, punchy and unapologetic. The distorted part at the very beginning is a brilliant touch that adds a grungy, underground layer and also creates tension. This tension is resolved when the main riff enters and you can’t help but find yourself headbanging along! Mind you though: these are all happening in just a matter of seconds. Another thing that the song is great at is the way it flows between contrasting parts. For example, when it shifts into the chorus, it gets softer but loses nothing of its energy. The garage punk vibes are further enhanced with the rough sound of the mix. Overall, the track is a complete banger with deliberate artistic choices throughout.

For a band that’s been around since 2013, The Links don’t seem to have any difficulty in bringing fresh sounds and ideas into the scene. In fact, their skill and experience shines through the song: These guys definitely know what they’re doing. I feel like we’re going to see their name more often in the future!

The Links recently released a 2nd single called “We Got Time”, which includes Calice as its B side. Give these two a listen through the links (pun intended) below and let us know what you think!

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