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Single Review: "Blossom" (2022) by FUURIN

There are some pieces that composers' instincts act to not abandon some little details that tend to not become a thing immediately. The artist yet believes in it and hears the full potential of a song on a single fragment. This is an experience that many great artists had in their careers and their beliefs in the songs were successfully felt by the audiences. There are many feel-good stories in the music history of such, yet being the first song of a heavily promising band is a new thing. Fuurin's Nick has been waiting for a melody's time to come, since 2019, while transcribing the melody for a drum with Kuba and creating the bass part with Jon. Three years later, the melody "Blossom" is one of the best debut songs of many new bands on the scene today.

Blossom starts with a mini amp effect guitar riff, which gives the vibes of a dream pop song. But no, when the drums break in, you see what Fuurin is. Not just that, with the bass, drum, and guitar trio, Blossom makes sure you have a great experience throughout the song. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Fuurin is how they manage to do an all-in-one single. The harmonies seem to fit perfectly in prog culture, especially during the chorus. Though it is possible to find some dream pop and math rock in this track, this doesn't confuse your head since you can feel the sounds of the instruments don't interfere. And, of course, you notice how the pauses and the drums of the main melody make this song unique. Using the 5-string bass and 7-string guitar to their fullest potential, Fuurin adds to their uniqueness. This experience ends with a chill feeling leaving a breezy vibe behind. Blossom successfully does the job and stays in your mind as Fuurin's four words: Instrumental Summer Prog Pop.

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