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Single Review: "Patriarch" (2021) by Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Released on January 2, 2021, Patriarch is the new single of Seven Layer Piano Cakes (Justin Hoyt).

The track opens up with a harmonic and active piano which takes the listener to the staircase of dramatic events. As became the style of Hoyt, it is then accompanied by the smooth vocal which later fades but is still there, keeping the minor chords in the background. Intro pulls the listener ''into the jungle'' where no one will make out of. Synth arpeggio later takes the dramatic chord progression and lets the guitar in, giving the rock vibe to the song. A distorted electric guitar leads the background as the piano plays a half-melody. Music cuts off and leaves the stage to the powerful lyrics: ''Into the jungle, no vote in hand Fighting for someone else's morals on his own land'' The WW2 reference grows stronger with the dominance of lyrics. Hymn-like back vocal and takes the listener to the memorial of forgotten soldiers. Continuity of the chords in the five-degree ranged progression to form a seventh chord to create a further harmonic effect. He later uses this arpeggio technique to expand the effect. ''Underage pawns to The Man'' is followed by an ascending five-degree progression which forms a sweet resonance of a ninth. Hoyt plays it pretty harmonic, probably a result of his classical piano background. Besides the electric guitar use of the main vocal gives the rock vibe to the song. The sharp and spiritful vocals reflect the painful cry in the lyrics. Shouting for the rebellion of the Filipino soldiers who were sent to the frontline by force. Modest use of rhythmic drums and electric guitar, the nice touch of rock vocals, and strong lyrics make a great example of an alt-rock song of deep reference. Hoyt mixes his harmony, rock, and ideas into an original flavor of alt-rock. Patriarch is a step further for him and a piece of tasteful music for the listener.

Click here to give it a listen on Spotify. Follow Justin Hoyt on Instagram: @blakecollinsmusic

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