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Seven Layer Piano Cakes - Kaleidoscope

Released on the 24th of November 2020, Kaleidoscope is the new single of Seven Layer Piano Cakes (Justin Hoyt). The track opens up with a sweet and atmospheric piano arpeggio which reminds the listener of Thrice’s moving and powerful intros. The piano is then accompanied by an ethereal synth. This melodic intro piano is then doubled by a simpler arpeggio which creates a somewhat spiraling rhythm. He got this feeling by having the piano hands always going in contrary directions similar to a genuine kaleidoscope. This leads us to the verse: “Apparent symmetry A transient thing The musings of a dream The shapes stopped lining up” Hoyt’s mellow vocals blend gracefully with the melody and the lyrics that describe a dreamy and volatile atmosphere. The atmosphere of this song is further emphasized by the artsy, colorful, and “kaleidoscopic” music video on Youtube by Hazel Rubia which you should definitely check out. At the 40 second mark, vocal harmonies enter to accentuate the lyrics. “Serotonin deprivations / Endless fluctuations / Just steady my gaze” Hoyt is describing an atmosphere or a mindset that is ever-changing and overwhelming which fits well with the title and the theme of the composition. At the 1.20 minute mark, a lo-fi drum beat and a synth pattern enter to move the listener towards the chorus where Hoyt sings: “Kaleidoscope/ Kaleidoscope / Stop turnin’ it now / Just put it away!” At this point, the song shifts from a bright to a darker mood with vocal harmonies underlining “Just put it away”. This is a somewhat intentional change because this effect is provided by unusual chord progression F7 to F#m6 to Gdim to F#6. The lyrics may be interpreted as the singer’s inner willpower trying to overcome the misinformation surrounding us every day via the internet and media. The singer leads us to a thought-provoking and bittersweet ending. Also, it is important to note that this is Seven Layer Piano Cakes's first full production attempt. He wrote and sang everything himself (he only got some help with the drum programming by Hope Brush). He was also in charge of the production. Overall, we encourage you to check Seven Layer Piano Cakes' “Kaleidoscope” out if you are interested in 2 minutes and 45 seconds of thought-provoking and moving music. We hope there are more songs to come from Seven Layer Piano Cakes!

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