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Single Review: "The State We're In" (2021) by Saturn Saturn Saturn

'A man. Guitars. Power Pop. From Liverpool.'

Saturn Saturn Saturn is a one-man band from Liverpool. The ‘band’ name Saturn Saturn Saturn was suggested by his 5-year-old son Fox, who also contributes some atmospheric synths to the song. If you want to hear some loud guitar and listen to a good song from Liverpool, we recommend you to listen to Ben Capper's The State We're In.

Give it a listen on Spotify here! Give it a listen on YouTube here!

The song starts with a distant, distorted guitar accompaniment. This distant accompaniment is always there throughout the song. It is a perfect choice to give a distant but uplifting feeling to the song. The vocals are a little dominated by the instruments in the first verse, but it's actually a part of the rocky vibe of the song. When we go into lines of different instruments, drums are one to appreciate. Drums make a huge change in the effect on the listener when they become more active in the second part of the song. The bass line is also an active line, but the patterns are modestly created. In this mix of instruments, it is a good choice to keep it more regular with the bass.

The rock-style vocals shout out the despair and hopelessness, as well as the hope and rebellion ingrained in the upbeat rhythm. The guitar riff that comes into play in the middle of the song is a key part of this piece's originality. Rather than creating a general loop, Capper has chosen to make a falling section before the song ends and then hit the listener with the chorus to bring the sudden end. It makes the listener hit the play button again and again for a few listens more.

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