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Roger Dean's Sea Urchin Chair

In college, Roger Dean - the designer of many prog rock album covers including those of Yes and Asia - studied furniture design in the Royal College of Art. His research there included psychology of architecture, with a thesis titled "producing a sense of tranquillity in domestic architecture." Even in high school, Dean had always radically questioned the firm beliefs in industrial and architectural design. He once asked why people had to live in boxes to a teacher, but couldn't get a satisfying answer. After this, he designed a house with prominently circular form. Just like this example, Dean questioned the design of chairs, and why they can only be comfortably used in one direction. This question spawned the Sea Urchin Chair. It is the ancestor of the modern bean bag, compressing and fully adapting to the shape and size of the user. It was never commercially used, but a prototype is on display in Vienna's Mak Museum.

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