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Psalm, by John Coltrane, is actually a poem

A Love Supreme, released in 1964 by John Coltrane, was an album containing 4 songs. The songs in the album are made in the purpose of bearing deep spirituality, thought-provoking and influential by Coltrane. Every song in the album, with its melodic and harmonic whole, means a different stage in a meditation. Acknowledgement, Resolution, Pursuance and Psalm.

The last song, Psalm, meaning the enlightenment stage of the meditation, is a calm, spiritual sounding song. It has no lyrics and makes it way through neat and quite calm chord progressions. However, the interesting thing about Psalm is that it has pseudo-lyrics! Psalm is arranged such that chords make sound as though someone is reading a poem. There is no lyrics, but the chord progressions are perfectly in tune and on beat with a poem written by Coltrane beforehand.

Check the link to see what's going on:

The poem is,

I will do all I can to be worthy of Thee O Lord.

It all has to do with it.

Thank you God.Peace.

There is none other.

God is. It is so beautiful.

Thank you God.

God is all.

Help us to resolve our fears and weaknesses.

Thank you God.


God breathes through us so completely

so gently we hardly feel it ...

yet, it is our everything.

Thank you God.


All from God.

Thank you God.


Video: MarleelMystic from Youtube

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