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Persevera - My Curse (2021)

Persevera is a metal band from Brazil. Recently, they released their latest and 4th single, titled “My Curse”. The song explains the frustration of anger, sorrow, and pain in our lives. Basically, life is represented as our curse, which puts it in an inevitable, hard condition.

The intro of the song develops quickly but step by step at the same time, adding the melody (which will be repeated multiple times throughout the song) on the rhythm fluently with the noticeable sequence of drums, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and vocals.

The part just after the first verse reveals the aggressive mood of the song. In the part that says “I know! I feel it! Don’t fight!”, the saying “don’t fight” stresses the war-reminding condition of life and the hurtful emotions, and the speaker’s demand to change this. These words are used repeatedly which shows its significance in terms of representing the message of the song. Kick drums keep up the tightness and the synchronization of drums and bass makes this more recognizable. In a way, this reminds of a tightened rope, and right after it the rope releases and collapses, and we face the melody at the beginning. Then, the second verse comes in, but this time with more kicks, with a more self-assured attitude. These two details make the song a whole unbroken piece while developing the mood at the same time.

The first guitar solo of the song includes various pinch harmonics, which adds to the tightness and the energy of the song. “The end is here/ Don’t fight!/ Death is here” these words are told just before the first guitar solo, and right after it, the most rebellious part comes. “This is my life! This is my curse!”, these words are repeated with multiple backing vocals, with a stable and straight rhythm. This actually gives it a more protest-reminding vibe, which is more conspicuous in the second half of the song.

The guitars in the song have a TOOLesque vibe, both in terms of guitar tone and style. This adds to the song’s depth, and it really is a topic to explore.

If you enjoy a dark atmosphere and rebellious lyrics to ache your neck, we’d recommend you give it a listen.

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