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Single Review: "Ms. Routine" (2020) by Gain Altitude

This is a review of the London-based indie-rock group Gain Altitude's new single!

London-based indie-rock group Gain Altitude does an impressive job capturing the musical manifestation of the last few

months we have been going through with their November 2020 single Ms. Routine. The melody is full of raw emotion, and the guitar progression feels authentically true to the core of the song, as overdriven chords strike like a rebellious cry against the monotonous quarantine routine just like the lyrics do. The trio's bassist creates an enjoyable coziness with the warm tone and catchy melody of the bass line that only gets better with each listen, and bursting drum attacks and familiar rock fills keep the listener hooked even at half-time.

"And in my mind I follow you in a secret story behind a screen in this routine of quarantine" The song starts out with a guitar intro, to which the bass and drums eventually get integrated. The chorus features harmonious vocals that weren't in previous verses, and the way the singers are layered onto the creative guitar makes for a unique mood worth experiencing.

"Feels like we're frozen in time (should read between the lines) and meditate inside to find a point of view"

Ms. Routine is a song that you can listen to on repeat. All the background elements combined with the main melody create a powerful ambiance to complement the relevant lyrics, and might as well be that song to define the period of our life under COVID, or a way to look back at these bizarre times a few years from now.

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