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A Must-Listen: "Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space" (1997) by Spiritualized

Spiritualized is an English space rock band formed in 1990 by Jason Pierce who was previously in Spacemen 3, another alternative rock band creating similar music. Spiritualized makes neo-psychedelic shoegaze music. They have released several albums, the last one being released in 2018 but their biggest hit was in 1997 with their album "Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space. Having their title track and album named after a quote from the novel "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gardner, Spiritualized gives it's listener an ethereal experience. with their great example in space rock. In their album, there is always this echoing and distortion present (especially in songs like "I think I'm in Love or "Come Together") which is essential to the shoegaze genre itself. In their title track, the song combines the melody and the lyrics of an Elvis hit, "Can't Help Falling in Love", and even though it is expected to have a disorder in sound, Spiritualized uses it well to create a dreamy, out of the world experience for its listeners. With the track "Broken Heart" the band does a wonderful job of combining a violin part to the distorted aesthetic of the album overall. It is safe to say that Spiritualized does a wonderful job of combining samples and sounds in their album "Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space". With its lyrics, the album covers from love to rejection, from rejection to denial, and this cycle of emotions. The album cover is a representation of medication. Maybe it is in fact a remedy for one's broken soul.

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