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Happy Birthday, Neil Peart!

Rush's legendary drummer Neil Peart was born 68 years ago today, on 12 September 1952. He initially joined Rush as a replacement for John Rutsey on July 29, 1974. And soon, he became the primary lyricist for the band. His love for philosophy is a contributing factor in this, as Rush's lyrics contain deep philosophical insights about both life and supernatural events, which is addressed in his books too. His drumming is also one of a kind. While he started out mostly with hard rock (inspired by drummers like Keith Moon and John Bonham), it didn't take long for him to combine his drumming with techniques from many different styles. He even took lessons from Freddie Gruber, who played with many jazz legends including Charlie Parker. The result of this journey is a series of highly acclaimed progressive rock masterpieces by "the holy trinity", Rush.

We wish him a happy birthday!

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