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Happy Birthday, Mikael Åkerfeldt!

The most evil vocalist of the most evil band of all time Mikael Åkerfeldt was born on this day in the great capital of Sweden, Stockholm. He is known as the main songwriter, singer and vocalist for the band Opeth.

The way he blends in his influences to his music has distinguished himself even from the first Opeth album. Later on, we were able to see more progressive side of their music-which they end up giving up from their death metal roots and creating a new sound for themselves without being afraid of their fanbase.

He is one of the best composers of our modern music scene, while being equally modest about his abilities. He stated that the reason of him being able to create this huge soundscape is digging into different genres and constantly consuming/deconstructing music that he adores. His obsession/love for music would cause him to start to day in studio writing music and not understanding how the day end this quickly.

As a music intellectual' he constantly talks about the music he loves in interviews and isn't afraid of talking about his influences/or the way that he stole riffs from. Most of us made the day night with his son, cried and crawled in anger in our beds and find the piece in the art that he constantly creates. Besides the highly underrated music that he creates he has a comic stage personality-which improves the connection between the band and audience.

We wish this pure modest gentleman a happy birthday, thank him for his music.

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