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Happy Birthday, Dick Parry, Pink Floyd Saxophonist

Richard "Dick" Parry, the famous saxophonist, was born on 22 December 1942 in Kentford, Suffolk, England. Even though he was a session musician who worked with lots of groups, his most notable work was with Pink Floyd. He is best known from his amazing solos in "Money", "Us and Them" and "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". He mastered tenor and baritone saxophone and played them with such a talent. He used the know David Gilmour and he introduced the band to Dick as the "not the best saxophone player but the only one I know". Even though Gilmour met with lots of other musicians, his choice on saxophone was always Dick as it can be understood by their collaboration in "On An Island" album. He also played with Pink Floyd on their Live 8 performance.

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