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Happy Birthday, Alan Parsons!

72 years ago today on the 20th of December 1948, songwriter, audio engineer, producer, and Grammy Award winner Alan Parsons was born. Known for his contributions to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Alan Parsons Project, Parsons has been involved in the world of sound recording for more than fifty years. Parsons was born into a family of entertainers: his grandfather was a famous actor as well as his mother, who was both an actress and a musician. Growing up in such an environment, Parsons soon got involved with performing himself and started his music career in his late teenage years as a lead guitarist in a blues band. His career in the band lasted for a short time, but landing a job at the Abbey Road Studios at the age of 19 meant that Parsons' journey was just beginning. Working as an assistant sound engineer with the Beatles on the albums Abbey Road and Let it Be, and with Pink Floyd as a qualified engineer got him worldwide attention. Soon after this recognition, he met Eric Woolfson with whom he formed The Alan Parsons Project. The band proved to be a huge commercial success, and Parsons went on to release eleven albums with iconic songs such as Games People Play and Eye in the Sky, and the famous Chicago Bulls Theme Song Sirius. After the departure of Woolfson, Parsons continued his music by performing live and playing with different contributors. He also made a series of instructional videos on music recording called The Art & Science Of Sound Recording. Since the age of 19, Parsons has been a big contributor to the music industry, so we thank him and wish him a happy birthday.

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