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Electric Mud - Quiet Days On Earth (2020) by Prog Rock Review

"Electric Mud are a post-progressive duo from Germany comprising of Hagen Bretschneider and Nico Walser. I would usually attempt to give you an overview of the artist’s main sound but on this occasion I struggle as these guys refuse to be compartmentalised. Having heard of this studio-based duo and the original sounds emanating from their work, I was intrigued enough to give their 2018 album ‘The Deconstruction Of Light’ a listen. This dark offering lends itself to a heavy, distorted sound where chunky guitars riffs dominate and dissonance is prevalent – very Crimson-esque I’m sure you’ll agree. Such heavy moments are contrasted with ambient Tangerine Dream like soundscapes that are still darkly coloured but provide a different texture to relieve the more intense moments. I knew that they had a new album out this year titled ‘Quiet Days On Earth’, and expecting to hear more of what ‘The Deconstruction Of Light’ offered, I was excited to get my teeth into their new album!"

This was an excerpt from the fantastic review that our good friends at Prog Rock Review wrote about the album. Check out the full article from their website!

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