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Dodo Origami - Say No to Art (2020)

We're proud to present Dodo Origami's new EP, Say No to Art. These songs, which are all distinctly different compositions and mixtures of styles, will fill you with deep emotions. All of the tracks manage to keep up with the life of the album. On top of the lyricism, the perfect vocals supported by backing vocals working in harmony and active use of synth will serve a tasteful joy of music. Overall, it is a great album for those of us who crave new, lively indie music and will acquire your needs of upbeat dance music and a chill mood. Check out the EP, Say No to Art, click here! Follow them on Instagram: @dodo_origami

1. I Miss You So (1:46) It's the first of the six songs long EP "Say No to Art". Although it is the start of the upbeat energy of the album, the song is about divorce. With its fast progressions, this short piece gives the taste of the full EP compressed from the first song. It starts with a powerful combination of drums and a synth. Then it gets down and the synth leaves its spot to be filled by the vocals. Vocal sings about the separation of him and his love. Riffs get stronger there and there is an emphasis on their separation. When the first chorus comes, back vocals enter the song and these vocals give a hymn-like style to the song. All choruses are short but impactful. In the second verse, the main vocal sings about what did he missed so much about her. Then the song enters to chorus strongly. In the second verse, the drum pattern changes to a much more dominant pattern. There is the bridge way to the last chorus in which the singer sings about what happens to his body and mentally if he misses his lover. "I Miss You So" is a short and strong song, which exemplifies the mix of genres Dodo Origami plays. 2. Say No to Art (3:12) The second song of the EP is "Say No to Art". Following the first track, it carries the techno vibe with the synth. It starts with a synth that is always present in the album keeping composure, then hi-hat starts. It even gives the energetic soul of the song from the very beginning of it. The vocal enters with the bass and presents a feeling of something waiting to explode with the combination of the melody of electric guitars. The vocalist does a great job, the melody is catchy and the stresses of the words are just perfect. With the first verse, the lyrics tell that he can't understand what is art about, it's just a waste of time. Then the chorus brings more and more energy to the song, building it up. In the bridge, the consistent and rhythmic drums become more dynamic and use the toms to give the stage to the chorus. The distorted guitar carries the song, adding an edgy vibe to it, and is a predominant element of the rock vibe of this song. The solo from the synth gives the song mechanical energy on top of the guitar. The clear and smooth vocal ends the song with its catchy lyrics to end the three minutes of music that you tap your feet to. 3. The Guest(3:54) "What is that sound? Never heard it around. Wait, are they real, All the cracks that I feel? What’s behind this door? Never seen it before. Who’s in this place? Who will show me his face?" There are plenty of synthesizers at the start of the 3rd track of Dodo Origami's EP "Say No To Art" that make the track eerie and mysterious. As for the lyrics, they continue the mysterious edge of the song with questions asked. "What is this sound?" is our first interaction with the so-called guest in the song. The song is all about the guest that appears at an instant where the singer is left bewildered. This is well represented by the instruments. "Heaven, you are still inside me, baby, ooh, Heaven, I must try to get you out, ooh, When I’m leaving home, I still find that I’m not alone, But I swear that I’ll get rid of you, my baby, I must try..." The guest is actually the lover that the singer keeps the memory of inside their mind. In fact, the guest is not actually a guest but someone who used to be a resident of the song person's mind. The mysterious part of the song is actually answered in the chorus making the song an engaging journey for the listener. 4. True Love(3:31) "Girl, you’re so beautiful I don’t know where to put my sight I called you in the evening With the vultures circling my mind It’s true love, true love, Love all the way to the stars" The fourth track of the EP starts with an upbeat vibe to it. It clearly addresses interest to this girl with simple yet lovely lyrics. The wonderful analogy of thoughts being referred to as "vultures" circling the singer's mind adds a literary value to the song. Also, their love being described as "all the way to stars" is very genuine and attracts the listener at the instant. The vocals and the backing vocals work together in harmony to form an indie bop. The guitar and drums work well together to keep the upbeat essence of the song throughout. "This true love It's burning It breaks my heart in two for what I've been yearning all the things left said untrue I break down on the snake ground praying for salvation I never thought that it couldn’t hurt" There is an intense buildup to the chorus makes it engaging for the audience, wanting more and more. The buildup is concluded by a great harmony between vocals, a great chord progression, and the drum keeping up the beat. As for the lyrics in the chorus, the simplicity in them goes along very well with the melody. Overall, this makes the track True Love a great new Indie jam to anyone who listens to it. 5. Wonderland(3:16) The fifth track of the EP, Wonderland begins with a trembling synth pattern. Then, an airy guitar riff with a driving rhythm enters to fill the space which is then accompanied by an energetic bass riff and uplifting drums. These elements successfully create an initial atmosphere for the song which leads us to the first verse: "Of all the lonely people / You tend to ostracize / It’s me the one you found out / And in your dreams you fantasize". The verse can be interpreted as the protagonist meeting a person who regularly avoids or rejects people and this person, at least appearing to initially, choose them over others. At first, the protagonist interprets this as their relationship's first spark. Moreover, it is important to note that the mellow and sweeping vocal lines characterize the verse. Then, a powerful guitar riff leads us to the chorus: "Drowns me in words and images / Dragging me upside down". The chorus lyrics reflect the state of pandemonium inside the protagonist's mind. Then, the initial guitar riff enters after a quick drum fill to end the chorus and lead us to the second verse: "I tried to take my heart out / Too tired to rationalize". These lyrics could be interpreted as the protagonist's confusion towards their person of interest's erratic actions. Arguably the part that characterizes Wonderland is its last part: "And then she came / And left without my name / Where did you go?". The overall mood of the song shifts from uplifting to bittersweet. The vocal harmonies, the guitars, and the drums all come together to create a "wonderland" of emotions. The song ends crashing down with distorted guitars and the drums using a lot of cymbals. 6. Help Me(3:37) The sixth and the last track, Help Me starts with a loose synthwave similar to the previous song, Wonderland. Then, the rhythmic vocals, a trembling guitar, and reverbing drums enter which leads us to the first verse: "Feeling the weight I am / Thinkin all day I am / Drinkin your water I’m / Sinkin, I’m sinkin". This initial part can be interpreted as the singer feeling the effects of a burden placed on them by another person or event. Hence, the protagonist is feeling like they are drowning or "sinking". After the first verse, the listener is lead to the chorus where the vocals are layered on top. of each other which creates a nice contrast to the sound. At the end of the chorus, the vocalist sings, "I need someone to help me". The singer needs someone to assist them because they are suffocating under the burden. The sinking also might be a symbol for a trapping relationship which can be inferred from the second verse: "Release me, before I drown / You got your rope rope tied at me". Just before the song ends, the first verse appears one last time, however with vocals shouting "help me!" in the background which portrays the singer's desperate need for some assistance. The song ends gracefully with a somewhat edgy synth pattern that fades out.

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