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Djesse Vol. 3 released in August 14.

Djesse Vol 3., the third recording of the Djesse series by the artist Jacob Collier, released in August 14.

Djesse is a planned collection of albums, announced in 29 October 2018, with each album representing the different parts of a day. The first album, Djesse Vol 1., is said that represents the daybreak. It featured Metropole Orkest, a multiple Grammy winning jazz orchestra.

Djesse Vol. 2, released in 19 July 2019, was also a hit in the fusion jazz industry. Jacob used a variety of microtonal tunings and pure intonation in the songs. Djesse Vol. 3, released in August 14, as Jacob Collier put it the album "things get very real indeed". Jacob also described the album as "kind of crazy electronic things". Have fun!

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