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Album Review: "Mnemonic" (2020) by Dishonor

“Dishonor” is a melodic groove metal band from Germany. Recently, they released a new album titled “Mnemonic”. The album revolves around anger, complaint, struggle, and inner fights. Elements of groove metal stand out in this album; raspy singing, heavy riffs, with well-described complaint lyrics.

Suckers Payoff:

The first track of the album “Suckers Payoff” is about suffering from or paying for someone else being a “sucker”. Vocals in the song are mostly yelling/shouting from the chest (full of emotion) and since the song person basically complains about “undeserving of this punishment”, vocals now play even a more significant role in this song.

The song starts with a calm melody, the energy ascends, especially when vocals come in. The tempo slows down at some point, and when we consider the entire song as a complaint, this part differs from the other parts. At this point, the song person stops complaining and starts reflecting, at this part another melody emerges and double guitars do their great work. Right after that part the song person comes back with a more angry attitude with the same words, even with more of them “I am trapped inside/ Lord of lies/ With serpents eyes/ I am sacrificed”.


Relapse begins to compose its gloomy atmosphere with a smooth chord progression which is played as arpeggios by the lead guitar. After the melodic intro, heavy syncopated drums kick in, and with the chugging sound of the rhythm guitar and the bass, the instrumentation part sets the aggressive background for killer vocals.

Along with the vocals come in, the distorted tone of the rhythm guitar accompanies the heavy drums. Strings sometimes fall back in song to leave space for drums to include fills to create a more upbeat sound. The breakdown that kicks in later completes this heavily syncopated sound with downstroke - chugging guitar riffs, which challenges the audience for a headbang.

The song takes its name from a psychiatric term, relapse. Simply, it means the worsening of a medical condition that had previously improved. Relapse starts with an outcry which represents the weary mood of a dual mental state. "War" underscores the ongoing fight on itself happening and it hooks the audience with aggressive vocals. The song has that brokenhearted and lonesome sound that composes an expectancy of someone to be understood. The lyrical ending "I will never stop / I will never be again" highlights the agony reasoned by this duality. The genuinely written lyrics complete the gloomy atmosphere of the song with softened riffs.

The distorted sound of the guitar carries the song along to the end. If you want to pack yourself up after a tiring day with the energy of heavy metal, we encourage you to give this song a chance.


The album-naming track starts with a high-tempo but rather tasteful guitar riff and a fill of drums and bass coming in after. As the heavy vocals start to kick in later in the song, the atmosphere becomes tender and rather aggressive. The word “mnemonic” means a system that assists in remembering something. From the lyrics of the song, it can be understood that there is a need to remember because that is the only way to, as mentioned, “turn from slave into the master”. The phrase “mnemonic ecstasy” and that memories are “locked deep inside” of us implies that happiness is within us and we are the only ones who can reach it, in other words “to unlock this door forever”. The deep meaning behind the lyrics along with the heavy guitar tone add to the uptight atmosphere of the song.

For most of the song, there is a guitar riff that's being repeated beneath the vocals. The low-tuned guitars have a warm but heavily distorted tone. With the use of extended chords and pinch harmonics, the guitars for sure add to the depth of the song. The bass parts of the song are generally synchronous with the guitar, making the riffs stand out more powerfully. Also supported with the drums, the melody really grows on the listener.

Just like the overall tune, the song ends intense with a pinch harmonic bend leaving the listener in curiosity. If you like a dark atmosphere with powerful guitar riffs and aggressive vocals, you should definitely give this song a listen.


Starting slowly, the fourth track of the album gives a precursor to the listener that it will become aggressive suddenly, matching the overall characteristics of the album.

No surprise, the song continues with a sudden hit on the face of the listener. After a high-tempo guitar section, which will be repeated various times during the song, the guitar becomes isolated and connects the intro to the lyrical part. The heavy guitar riff that will make the listener headbang automatically used in this part will also be repeated in the following parts and be a pain in the neck for the listener \m/.

As the song continues to evolve, the high-tempo guitar section at the beginning of the song gets repeated beneath the lyrics “In the darkness/ Thrives his power/ Without prospect/ Inhales your bliss” with a synchronous melody, which adds a depth to the overall atmosphere of the song.

The song is about a horned figure in Alpine folklore called “Krampus”, who is known for scaring children who have misbehaved during the Christmas season, assisting Saint Nicholas. Telling about a scary figure, it is not a surprise that the song has a dark atmosphere and consists of aggressive guitar riffs and heavily distorted guitar tones.

The theme of this song is very unique. If you want to learn more about “Krampus” the horned figure, and on the way bang your head out of its place, you should certainly check this song out.


In this track, there is a fight against the “others''. The song person expectedly gets “lost” and fails the others’ trust (who were in doubt), and that starts the fight; and the confirmation of the fight was with these words spoken: “Too late to make things right/ Controlled by the demon inside”. So the song person no longer stays calm and is controlled by his desire for vengeance.

It can be said that this track revolves around anger and faith, musically and lyrically. Again the vocals have great importance which mirrors the emotion directly by the raspy singing. There is this melodic part, and right there, we wait for the fight's result the song person is against. Right after this part, the following words are spoken: “Your eyes are filled with blood/ You feel the winds of death/ The demon is forcing out a smile/ As you take your final breath” and we understand that the song person is getting defeated in this battle, but the faith is never gone until the end [of the song]. The people around wanted to see the song person fail, but he didn’t let them, he had to fight for his dignity.

Into the Depths:

Into the Depths' distinctive and energetic sound starts with a forceful guitar riff supported with successive pull-offs. Drums accompany the intro with a simple 4/4 rhythm and finish the intro part with a fill that feeds the aggressive sound. The bass plays synchronously with the drum and guitar, as it strengthens the riffs and rhythm. Along with affective songwriting, vocals advance the atmosphere of determination and dedication. The title "Into the Depths" points out an inner journey of a person who wants to dig into his real self with determination. The phrase "Don't you ever look back or you will never succeed." repeats a couple of times and ends the lyrical composition that highlights the only way to the end of the "maelstrom" is moving continuously. The guitar solo that is played after the buildup with smooth transition reminds Dio's solos, and it sounds marvelous with minor touches and chromatic licks. The solo connects to the main riff, which follows the verse and chorus.


Die is the last track of the album, and it summarizes the overall aggressive and restless atmosphere. The song starts with the power chords and drums accompany the strings. Vocals contribute to the rebellious sound, and the lyrics emphasize a heartfelt message as the track continues. Drums and the bass play synchronized parts with vocals but sometimes tasty licks preserve smooth transition. Overall the percussion maintains the rhythm background and leaves the spotlight on vocals and guitars. The riffs are both heavy and melodic, which contributes a unique sound to the song. After the verse and chorus, melodic guitar licks build up the atmosphere for a guitar solo. The solo consists of pinch harmonics that add depth to the song, and this solo links to the melodic transition. A combination of heavy guitar riffs and rhythmic sound challenges the listener not to headbang, which is almost inevitable for this song's energy. If you like groove and heavy metal, you should give this song a chance.

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