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DIO- Holy Diver(1983)

After the massive success of Ritchie Blackmore's The Rainbow and Black Sabbath, the legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio departed from the band because of the disagreements with others and to enhance his effect on the scene of hard music. He certainly faced a big pressure after being a vocalist for 2 bands that had highly effect on contemporary guitar-driven rock music: Rainbow, Sabbath, and ELF. Getting influences from the further hard spectrum of the times, RJD used his effective fame to gather a strong group that would last for decades—DIO. The album had a mixture of bluesy hard-rock and Sabbathian metal, enough to give you nightmares after your initial listen. Catchy melodies and riffs. All of the songs are unique to the genre and each can be loved for different reasons. But all of the songs come together at one point: The angelic and devilish voice of RDJ. Album is also considered one of the pioneers of the doom metal genre with its atmospheric moments. Holy Diver was a massive hit, having wonderful critic scores and becoming one of the keystones of the genre — a cult classic to put it in another way. The preceding records were also going to be loved and sold a lot, but none would bu successful and powerful as the first album. It is no secret that Dio was one of the succulent musicians of his era, always fighting with his demons of faith and rebellion. The lyrics and cover art reflect these thoughts and deepness that Ronnie James Dio had, only adding to the rock-solid legacy of him.

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