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Deliverance - Heartfelt Intensity Delivered!

18 years ago today, the album “Deliverance” was released!

Deliverance surely is an outstanding album that played a major role in establishing the band as one of the bests in modern prog metal. With the album “Damnation” and this revolutionary album, Opeth made it clear that they improved a lot, and proved their capabilities and creativity to the listeners. Structurally, the album was quite cold, gothic and experimental. Each and every song was unique by all means. The album alternates between hyperactive and calm, full gain and clean guitars, the full harsh metal drums and smooth jazzy beats, doomdeath growls and especially a beautiful clean voice of Mikael. There's an absolute intelligence behind the succession of the parts. The songwriting was at its finest, that led them to success. As every new album, this album features new surprises, new developments, new signposts in Opeth's continuing evolution as a band. Happy birthday to this masterpiece!

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