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Cowboys From Hell - Pantera (1990)

“Cowboys From Hell” is the album that comes to mind whenever we see Pantera, besides “Vulgar Display of Power”. We know the album as the starter of groove metal, which takes it to another level in terms of value in metal history. “Cowboys From Hell” is the 5th studio album the band released, but it can be considered as their official debut, due to their first work with a professional producer and a major label; they think it’s their first music production which isn't a copy of the music that has been made already. After recording 3 albums, Vinnie Paul (drummer) and Dimebag Darrel (guitarist) wanted heavier stuff from Pantera, but their vocalist at the time didn’t want that, “Terry always wanted to do more of a David Lee Roth, poppy-type thing, but we were falling in love with Metallica and Slayer and stuff like that,” says Paul. So Phil Anselmo joining Pantera was a big step forward for the band’s future. After their 4th release “Power Metal”, they realized that they weren’t on their desired track, as Paul describes: “(…) we realized that we weren’t wearing the clothes we wanted to wear and that we wanted to strip it all down.” The writing and recording process of this album was hard for the band. The writing process took place between 1988 and 1989. They were turned down a lot of times but not discouraged. Then Mark Ross, Alto Records representative, had seen Pantera’s performance and he spoke these words: "By the end of the first song, my jaw was on the floor. The sonic power of it all — the attitude and the musicianship — blew me away. Basically, you had to be an idiot to not think they're amazing. I mean, how could you see these guys and not think, 'Holy shit!'?" We can say this album has its own original sound, different from other previous works, which was exactly what the band was trying to achieve. Pantera found their voice with this album, they finally distanced from their glam metal voice and started the groove metal genre. Phil Anselmo’s dynamic vocals, “Diamond” Darrell’s outstanding riffs and solos, Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown’s combined rhythm that’ll make you headbang... When these elements get together, we face this breath-taking album “Cowboys From Hell” :)

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