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Cab Calloway disliked Dizzy Gillespie's style: Dizzy stabbed him.

In 1937, Dizzy Gillespie went to Europe with Teddy Hill's group. He was 20 years old. First, in Paris, he stepped forth with his unique style. He was mentioned as a great musician with flair among jazz critiques in Europe. He was simply one of the best musicians in Teddy Hill's orchestra.

When he came back from Europe, he was now able to work with every group in the US. He played as a free soloist in different groups. With his rising name, In 1939, he joined Cab Calloway's renowned orchestra.

However, Cab Calloway disliked Dizzy's unique style of the trumpet. Dizzy's teasing (and sometimes quarrelsome) behaviors were also disturbing Calloway during practice sessions. In the midst of a concert, someone threw a small paper ball to the chef. Cab thought it was Dizzy (although Dizzy wasn't the thrower) and argued with him in the interlude. Bassist Milton narrates the rest of the story: "Cab made a move. And Dizzy walked towards Cab with a knife. I held Dizzy's hand. Cab noticed the blood and understood that Dizzy stabbed him in his stomach." However, luckily, the wound was not fatal and nothing significant happened onwards.

We love you Dizzy but let's be careful next time!

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