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Single Review: "Bubbles" (2021) by Erin Bradley

As the winner of Yelmo Music's competition that asked participants to write a song over a backing track, Erin Bradley recorded and published her award-winning single, Bubbles. "What I felt in the moment" is the key phrase that Erin Bradley used to describe how she wrote and developed the single.

The music is written on a very well-set harmonic structure. The tone is a moody, gloomy one and as we listened to it, it resembled Lorde's masterpiece, Royals, to us. The highlight is Erin's voice in this piece. As the jazz chords are playing in the background, Erin shows off the beauty of her voice through frequent elongation of the lyrics and melodic breaks in which Erin spelled sounds like "da da da dow". Those "show-offs" really let Erin's sound reach deep into our hearth and really adds up to the gloomy tone of the music. The clarinet solo that Erin inserted mid-point does nothing, but help that. It is well-executed and really augments the flavors within the piece. This music would be great to set up a romantic mood or to play in places like restaurants or shopping centers. The piece is extremely effective in setting up the mood.

While we have previously stated that Erin Bradley played and sang "What she felt in the moment", that doesn't mean that the work is unprofessional by any means. The harmonics are well set, and the recording is done professionally at Fiction Studios. Erin Bradley's work is definitely stupendous in that aspect.

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