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Blake Collins - She Gives You That Look

"The rumor that’s goin’ around Is that she gives her heart all over town With a bait whose allure hides a hook You’ll know that your true love is true when she gives you that look" Blake Collins' first self-produced track does a wonderful job of delivering our indie/modern rock and roll needs. The melody and the lyrics give off The Beatles, The Kinks, and overall 60's rock ambiance Collins goes for with. The song itself is about a lover, a not-so-faithful-one, and her ways of deceiving other lovers into her "hook". The lyrics are subtle from the start and there is a repetition of that said lover's "look".

"She’s a breeze blowin’ in, so they say Still, she’s not giving her heartaway Whether taken by catch or by crook, You’ll know that your true love is true when she gives you that look" The lyricism takes a more poetic turn with the metaphor of the unfaithful lover being a breeze catching everyone on her was, wherever they are. It makes us feel as if the person talking about her in the song has been one of her victims. It is once again her look that gives the effect of true love. The guitar plays a similar tune throughout the song and the instruments are complemented with Colins' vocals that give us the British Alt-Rock feeling. Although there is always this Classic Rock essence to the song, it reaches extraordinary by making that feel more modern yet keeping the traditional 60's vibe and it presents something new for the people craving an Alt Rock-Indie Jams. Overall, we encourage you to listen to this 60s-style rock song. Click here to give it a listen on Spotify. Follow Blake Collins on Instagram: @blakecollinsmusic

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