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A Must-Listen: "Away With Words, Part 1" (2014) by Angel Vivaldi

“Away With Words” is a concept record separated as “Part 1” and “Part 2”. “Part 1” was released in 2014. It’s not hard to relate the name of the album to the tracks, there are 5 tracks and they’re called respectively the numbers from 1 to 5 in Morse Code, and they’re instrumental music pieces, as Vivaldi’s other releases. Vivaldi tries to give the feeling without any words but just with his guitar, using different techniques, colors; he explains: “Different emotions have different dynamics, different colours. Painting with the same red after a while gets old and boring, so I’m more inclined to create something with a ton of colours. Being an instrumentalist can be limiting in a sense… but doesn’t have to be.”

Vivaldi’s virtuoso playing is easily seen in the album, dynamics, different techniques are mixed together perfectly that each part has a purpose of being played and each detail has a meaning. We can say he reaches his purpose of giving the theme and the emotion without any words but with his strong playing.

There are music videos for “. _ _ _ _” (1) and “. . _ _ _” (2). “One” is about mental issues and the hard times' someone went through to achieve peace. “Two” is about someone’s story who is left on a foreign planet, and his will to survive was tested. The music was strong and the video was well-written and organized enough to tell the story without using any words.

Vivaldi’s previous releases are mostly inspired by new music, neoclassical metal music, unlike “Away With Words, Part 1”. He says the writing process of this album was hard, he says he had to look inward for creativity and inspiration, which is an answer to the question “Why did it take 3 years to write it?” and which turned this experience into a big challenge for him. He says: “(...) As horrible as that experience was, I’m grateful because I musically found myself during this album.”

It was told that “Part 2” was going to be released after Vivaldi’s latest EP, Synapse. It was planned to be completed in 2020, but for now, it's not released. Vivaldi said it was going to include songs written mostly on acoustic guitar, and the songs are going to be named as the number from 6 to 10, as a continuation of “Part 1”, and it will differ from “Part 1”s prog-metal form.

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