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American Football - American Football

American Football (LP3) (2019) American Football is a rock band from Urbana, Illinois. They were known for their part in the Midwest Emo scene. Besides that, they are a great example of a genre called Math Rock. What is Math Rock you may ask? It is a genre consisting of complex, atypical rhythmic structures, odd time signatures, angular melodies, and extended chords. In a way, Math Rock is progressive in itself. Even though they had a big hiatus after their first album "American Football" what they have produced is one of the most acclaimed examples of Math Rock and Emo combination. Since 2016, they continued to produce more content, and "American Football (LP3)" is their latest creation. Just by looking at the cover, this album gives us chill feelings. The way they combine complex rhythmic structures with and softer vocals (in contrast to their first album) creates a relaxing feeling for the listener. What makes this album so special is the artist collaborations. On their track "Uncomfortably Numb" Paramore's Hayley Williams joins them with vocals and so does Slowdive's Rachel Goswell on their 6th track "I Can't Feel You". Both features give the album a piece from Emo and Shoegaze by their vocalists.

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