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Album Review: "Frequencies" (2022) by Outer Space Experiment


Outer Space Experiment is a band with a focus on creating music that seamlessly explores a huge range of styles. Not only is the band’s sound extremely diverse, but so is their international background! The group does indeed feature members spread throughout Bulgaria, Italy, and France. The musicians collaborate remotely in order to make music that highlights each player’s background and incredibly distinctive style.

Some bands are quite stuck in their own definitions. However, others are actually keen on setting the bar higher and looking for new creative ideas. Each member of the band has their own sonic space in the mix, and the sound they are able to create feels like a perfect opportunity to push the boundaries of the band’s vision and sound. Although they are located many miles apart geographically, there is obviously something deeper that runs through the connection of these talented musicians.


Outer Space Experiment greets us with cold and ambient vibes that resemble their guitarist Todor Todorov’s hometown, Bulgaria. Just from their first song’s beginning, the gothic soundscape tells us a bit about their Eastern European origin. Listening to this incredible track, we sense the Particles of bands like Joy Division, and Depeche Mode but in a more proggy way. The perfect vox of Eric Castiglia pleases you, and when you hear his growls and girthy screams the song gains a doom-metal vibe and the band shows how diverse their art can be. The first minute of the second track may surprise you and you may think it’s a new Tool release, but it’s not. Zamm Kenoby especially shines out with his beast drum performance. The album Frequencies is named after their third song which makes the post-rock vibe of the album more vivid. The Slavic talks throughout the album might remind you of Molchat Doma, a post-punk band from Russia, which can make you more into this album if you like them. Outer Space Experiment loves diversity, it is possible to find a bit of everything in their art. Deafness is particularly a good example because it even has a symphonic rock atmosphere in it. Not just that, but the guitar riffs in this track can make even Slash jealous. Moving on, we have Homesick, their fifth song. Another noticeable fact about Outer Space Experiment is, they create the perfect link between their tracks’ names and their songs’ vibes. Homesick does indeed remind you of the things you see as home and miss. A calmer start, continued by low volumed vocals turns into sounds of wistfulness. Varietal Seeds is might be our personal favorite. Everything about this song, from the growls at the end to the energetic vocals, wakes some feelings in you. With Quit, the progressive metal fragments come back, and they are as good at prog as they are in other genres. More like an Opeth song, Quit might make you addicted. The last song, Permanently, reminds us of the album’s cover since they have the same post-apocalyptic vibe. And with all tracks ending, the album lefts us no choice but to listen to them again. There is so much to explore about this album, and we would like to tell more about our experience but we wouldn't want to spoil it, would we?

Don’t forget to listen to Frequencies on all platforms!

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