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Album Review: "Eu te amo mas..." (2021) by Vibe a Banda

Vibe a Banda (Vibe, the Band) is a 4-piece rock band from São Paulo, Brazil. Featuring Skeleton Heat (Bermuda Selvagem) on vocals and bass, Matheus H on lead guitar, Morfina Mutante (Luiz F. Machioni) on rhythm guitar and Loiro on drums, Vibe is ready to bring the vibe back! Their name is actually quite fitting for the music that they make. We listened to their album “Eu te amo mas…” (“I love you but…”). It’s a diverse album with songs ranging from Latin-inspired acoustic ballads to distorted, grungy rock songs. If you’re into these type of stuff, give these guys a listen and “vibe” to the band! The members Skeleton Heat and Morfina Mutante also have their solo work so don’t forget to check them out as well!

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