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Single Review: "Fast" (2021) by Aisles

The Santiago-based sextet Aisles released their single “Fast” on the 4th of June. The band is highly acclaimed, especially in Latin America, and has certainly made a reputation by opening for bands like Marillion. The newly released single is the preview of an upcoming album, which will be their fifth since 2005. “Fast” is certainly a compatible title for the song as the melody is based on fast-paced electric guitar riffs and quick drum beats, done with the help of the double kick technique. It’s nice to see a new band with fast songs as the progressive rock scene is lacking in this sense nowadays. The same chord progression continues throughout the song, and the tension created by this electric guitar riff is released at certain intervals by switching to jazzy chords with smooth transitions. A simple melody that’s coming from the keyboard intermittently and a second electric guitar also add to the harmony. When it comes to vocals, the high-pitched, energetic voice of the band’s new singer fits the song nicely, although sometimes the vocals follow the same tone for a bit too long. The variation that the instrumentation adds to the song does make up for this tough. The lyrics convey hope in the midst of melancholic statements, talking about how we can alter the life we live, no matter the conditions, by saying that "life's a quest to impose our own terms." The song's video is also quite creative: colorful anime-like animation and a fitting storyline give a whole new perspective to the song. You can find "Fast" on all streaming platforms, and don't forget to check out its video while you're at it!

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