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Adrian Belew and the ironic story behind "Thela Hun Ginjeet"

"Thela Hun Ginjeet" is the fifth track from King Crimson's Discipline album. It was first conceived by Adrian Belew upon hearing the murder of John Lennon. It was during his tour with Talking Heads for their 1980 European tour when he realized that the hotel they checked in was the same hotel that Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono staged their "Bed-Ins for Peace" a decade earlier.

This inspired Belew to write a song about someone being assaulted in New York city. The song's name at the beginning was actually "Heat in the Jungle" for a double fun fact. It took sometime for Robert Fripp to accept the song for the Discipline album but while they were recording it, an incident much like the on described in the song happened to Belew. Below is him recounting the incident:

"I walked down one of the streets, and there was illegal gambling going on," Belew recalled. "It was done by a group of Rastafarian guys — pretty tough looking — and [they’d] gathered around me. They thought I was an undercover policeman — I had short hair at the time. They were about to kill me; I don’t know how I talked my way out of it. I ran into the control room, and was telling Robert [Fripp] the story. Meanwhile, he had whispered to the engineer to record it, and that’s what you hear on the record."

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