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Latest news, interviews, exclusive content, and historical facts from your favorite genres, all gathered in the Music Loop Digital Magazine.



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Music Loop Digital Magazine
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As the Loop Network, we try very hard to bring your burning questions together with your favorite artists and bands. Are you curious how they got the inspiration for that one song? Or what plans they have for the future? We got you covered.

Our job is more than just keeping you updated on recent news. Through our interviews, we try to show the human side of these artists to our avid readers. Their craft, we already explore; but it is their personality that we are after in these interviews.

Every issue comes with at least four? interviews from both legends of the genre and up-and-coming artists that have the necessary potential.


From the very beginning, the quality of our reviews were our unswerving standard. They are concise, detailed and of course entertaining. Ranging from the iconic albums of the genre to the newest releases from artists you might not have known, we try to bring you the best of both worlds.

The reviews not only feature our opinions, but contain history bits, fun trivia, interesting pictures and many more surprises inside...

Every issue comes with at least five? reviews from each genre, written by our top-notch editors for your pleasure.

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